Box office and ticket scanning

For information about the box office equipment you need, click here: Box office Equipment.

Setting/resetting a password

1. Select the ‘Box Office and ticket scanning’ option in the admin area.

2. Type in your new password and confirm it by typing it again in the box beneath.

3. Ensure to click on Save Changes!

Accessing the box office

1. Select the green 'Go to box office now'  button

2. Enter in your box office password

3. Click 'Login' 

(Copy and paste the web link, just above the green button, if you want others to access the box office but not the organiser dashboard)

Scanning Tickets

Scanning tickets can be achieved by attaching a barcode scanner (can be purchased from Amazon for about $20/£15) to a laptop or tablet.

1. Select  'Scan ticket barcodes' option

2. Simply scan any of the barcodes on the ticket

Scanning a barcode will check if the ticket is valid and give a positive or negative result along with a sound.

The barcode isn’t scanning!

If the barcode will not scan correctly or the ticket appears to be expired, you can check the validity of the ticket by searching for tickets.

Searching for tickets

1. Click on 'Search Tickets'

2. Enter a name, email address or postcode.
3. Select the 'view booking' button.
4. Choose which tickets to 'Check-in' or select the 'Check in all tickets' option.

Selling tickets

Use the sales page to quickly make bookings at the door.

1. In the sales page, select the number and type of tickets required
2. Enter the name, email address and postcode if required.
3. Choose whether to pay with card or cash.
4. Fill in the payment details and select charge card. Connect a magnetic stripe card reader and swipe the card to fill these details in automatically. The security code needs to be entered manually. Please note that card readers may not work on all computers. Card payments will be processed as online payments, so there is no receipt to sign or PIN to be entered. Card payments can only be processed if you are using Stripe.  

Once the payment has gone through you will have the options to:

- Check in the tickets straight away

- Print tickets and/or receipt

- Email booking confirmation and receipt.

Scanning the QR code

Enable QR scanning by simply downloading any QR reader app on your smartphone.

The QR code can be scanned on the ticket itself which will expire that ticket only or in the customer's confirmation email which will allow you to see all the tickets in the booking and expire the relevant ones.

Notes: You do not need access to the box office if you are scanning a QR code, it will work straight from the app.

             You have to enable the QR code for it to be used in the confirmation email

Interactive door list

1. Select 'Door list'

2. Search through the list to find the booking and click the green box to check the booking in. 

Multiple bookings under the same name will appear more than once on the list. These correspond to the number of tickets in the booking. Be sure to select all of them if everyone has shown up.

This list is ordered alphabetically by surname and can be ideal for events with a manageable number of attendees.

The door list is compatible with mobile and tablet and can be printed off if you need a hard copy.


The three report tabs allow you to have an overview of:

  1. Sales
  2. Admissions
  3. Group

The Admissions report can be used to know how many people are checked in - useful if you need this information for emergency services.

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