Editing, cancelling and refunding bookings

From time to time you might find yourself dealing with cancellation requests, refunds or amending some incorrectly entered details.

Performing these actions can all be achieved in one place. Go to 'Bookings' and search for the booking using either the booking reference number, name or email address.

Click on the attendee name or "Edit / Cancel / Refund" to access the booking. From here, you will also be able to print or resend tickets for this booker.  

Edit Booking

Click on the 'Edit Booking" button to change any of the details. This will generally be used to amend an incorrect email address or in some cases, change the name of the attendee.

Cancel / Refund Tickets

To cancel or refund a ticket, click on the red 'Cancel/refund tickets' button. You will then have to select which tickets you want to cancel or refund (if there is more than one ticket in the booking) and then choose what action you want to perform. Choosing to cancel the ticket only will render the ticket to be invalid and will not refund the money to the attendee.

If you are using Stripe or Bookitbee card services, refunds will be actioned right away. If you are using PayPal, you will have to process the refund through your PayPal account and then cancel the ticket in the Bookitbee system. 

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