Receiving payments

We at Bookitbee try to be as accommodating as possible, so we allow for you to choose which payment method you use. Our personal recommendation for you is to use Stripe as it is fully integrated with our system. This means you can perform refunds right from the Bookitbee dashboard, however, the choice is yours.


If you choose to use Stripe to collect payments - you will receive your revenues within 7 days of a ticket sale directly from Stripe. You can choose to either set this up as an automatic transfer or you can set it up so that you can choose the date and amount of transfers - whichever is best for your accounting!

If you use PayPal you will receive your money immediately and then you are subject to whatever terms you have with PayPal. This means that you can move your money from PayPal to your registered bank account. Please note: it is important that you set-up your PayPal account correctly if you are using PayPal as if they are waiting for documents or account verification they may block transactions which will mean that your ticket sales will stop after you reach their limits. For this reason we recommend speaking to a PayPal advisor if you are in any doubt about your set-up before you start selling tickets. Their contact details can be found via the support section of the PayPal admin (logged-in area).

Ideal for events where cashflow is not paramount. The payment for your event will be made 5 working days after the event has finished to the bank details in the system. 

This is done to ensure that all payments for tickets have time to clear and to ensure that attendees have adequate time to respond to the event check questionnaire that gets sent out immediately after the event. The event check questionnaire simply asks attendees "Was the event as advertised?" the attendee is given the choice of yes or no as an answer. This ensures that an event has taken place prior to payout.

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