Manually adding bookings

From time to time, you may like to add offline sales or send complimentary tickets to some lucky prize winning attendees, friends and family or rectifying a customer complaint with some free tickets. Let's all hope it's not the latter! You can manually process tickets through your Bookitbee account.

If you are planning on processing free tickets, you should set up a discount code with 100% off so the ticket price is not added to your accounts.

To do this, simply follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Bookitbee account and select the event you want to add tickets to. 
  2. Select Bookings on the left hand menu (second from the top). 
  3. Select the green Add a booking button. 
  4. Choose the ticket type by adding how many tickets you want to add in the Qty required boxes. 
  5. Fill out the details below about the attendee. You must add an email address for these attendees. If you do not have an email for them, you can add your own and change it later once you've got their email address. 
  6. If it is not a free ticket, you can apply discounts before continuing. 
  7. Click continue to proceed to any booking or per-attendee questions you have set. 
  8. Once you have completed all the booking steps, you can review the booking before competing it. 

Important Notes

No payment can be taken for manual bookings although the face value price of the ticket will be added to your ticket sales statistics.

Manual bookings will override any ticket sales limits you have previously set. If you have a strict venue limit, deduct the number of manual tickets to the total number of tickets available (found in ticket types) immediately, or set aside a number of tickets so you can plan for more manual bookings. 

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