Payment Plans

The payment plan feature is designed to encourage bookings by offering customers the option to pay in instalment's rather than the full ticket price upfront. An initial payment or deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the ticket/s and then the remaining balance is directly debited from the customer's bank account in monthly instalments.


  • Customers make bookings as normal. If they select a ticket that is in a payment plan, they will be offered the option to pay in instalments.
  • The first payment is always taken immediately.
  • Payments are taken at monthly intervals. If the customer joins the payment plan after some instalments have passed, they will be rolled into the first payment.
  • Tickets will be issued automatically when the final payment is taken. If a customer has purchased other tickets not on the payment plan, they will be withheld until the final payment.
  • Customers will be emailed a payment schedule and can update their card details at any time.
  • To setup a deposit, just create a payment plan with one instalment.

1. Initial payment and instalments - Set what percentage of the total ticket price in bookings you want your customers to pay at the time of booking and how many instalments the remaining balance will be paid in. 

2. Completion and payment cut off date - The completion date is the date advertised to customers for the payment plan to be completed and the final instalment to be paid, this must be set at least a week prior to the event to allow customers time to rectify payment issues and receive tickets. The payment cut off date is the date by which customers must have completed their payment plan by in order for their tickets to be valid if for any reason they missed the completion date. 

3. Ticket types - Select the ticket types you want to offer the payment plan for.

4. Purchase options - Set whether you would like to offer your customers the option to either pay in full or pay via the payment plan or if you only want to offer the payment plan. For complex events, we recommend setting up a separate event for payment plan tickets in which case we suggest you only offer the payment plan.
5. Additional information - Use this section to provide additional information about the payment plan to assist your customers. 

6. Summary - An overview of your payment plan and summary of the instalment dates. 

7Edit payment plan 
If you would like to change any details once your payment plan is active simply click the edit payment plan button. If you're looking to alter a payment plan after a booking as been made please read the below notes. 


  • Once a customer starts a payment plan, their payment intervals and amounts are fixed. Changes in the payment plan or ticket prices will not affect their payment plan.
  • Intervals cannot be changed for existing customers, but can be changed for new payment plan customers.
  • Customers will be emailed a payment schedule and can update their card details at any time. Reminders are sent two days before payments are taken.
  • Disable the payment plan by removing all tickets from the plan.
  • Each instalment paid will incur Stripe fees.
  • Customers will be charged a fee of 2.50 GBP per booking for the payment plan facility.

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