Search sharing and social media

1. Event visibility - Choose how visible you want your event to be. 'Show my event everywhere'  will include it in our search engines and external search engines such as Google. 

2. Sharing buttons - Show or hide the sharing options which will determine if your event page can be shared on social media. 

3. Hashtag - This hash will appear on the shared social media post. 

4. Your event page - This is how your event page will look with the sharing options enabled. It will appear under your event image. 

5. Event links - These are the long and short-form links that you can use to share your event page. 

6. QR code - Download the QR code and share it. Using any mobile QR scanner app, this image can be scanned and it will take the user to your event page. 


We can only ask search engines not to include your event; we cannot guarantee it will not be listed or will be removed if you change this setting. For best results, hide your event from search before making it live.

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