Analytics tracking

Add your Google Analytics and custom tracking code

If you use Google Analytics then you can insert your tracking ID. Find out more about Google Analytics here.

Custom tracking beacons

If you have tracking codes, for example, goal conversion codes issued to you by your SEO consultant and/or advertisers, then you can ask us to enable this feature. You need to ask to use this feature because improper usage could pose a security risk to visitors to your booking page. 

We support the following markup for your tracking beacons, allowing you to report back exact transactional information. 

|*|BOOKINGTOTAL|*|    Total amount paid for the booking, including all fees, in the event currency.

|*|BOOKINGTICKETQTY|*|      Total number of tickets in the booking.

|*|BOOKINGREFERENCE|*|      The booking reference number for this booking.

|*|REFERRER|*|    The value passed into the booking process on the referrer GET argument.

Track booking referrals

Suitable for tracking affiliate sellers, you can add a referral code to your event booking page so that you can track where bookings come from. Using the helper tool on the analytics page, you can make your unique address. Any sales attributed to these referrals will be available in the booking report.

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