Group bookings

Group bookings is designed to encourage your attendees to promote your event to friends so that they can get something for free as a thank you.


You create a deal where if 3 tickets are bought by a group then the organizer of the group gets 1 free ticket. 

Jane (a ticket buyer) would register herself for the promotion and gets a unique link for her group. She can share the link on social media and via email. Once 3 of her friends to buy tickets using her link, Jane will then be issued her ticket for free.

Your customers will register through a widget or page that you can publicize on your website. They can then follow the instructions that are set based on the parameters that you set below.

Setting up a group booking

1. Tickets  - Select the ticket that your group booking will apply to. 

2. The deal - Set up the deal by choosing how many tickets the group needs to purchase in order to receive one or more free tickets. 

3. Expiry date - Set a date and time for group registration to close. 

4. Number of days - Once the group registration is complete, this will be the number of days customer have to purchase all of the required tickets in order to receive the free ticket(s). 

5. Status updates  - Tick this box if you would like to send updates about the group to all group members. The group owner will always get updates. 

(This is usually used to encourage the whole group to push for the sale of the tickets, but be careful if you set the number of tickets to be bought to be higher than 3 as this would mean that the people in the group would get quite a few emails and it might annoy them)

6. Free ticket issuing - Choose whether to send the free ticket(s) out automatically to the group owner or for the tickets to be reserved. Reserving tickets gives you the chance to collect information about the ticket's recipient. 

7. Additional information - This allows you to put in a personalized message that appears on the group booking registration page to encourage signups or clarify the offer.

8. Create group booking deal - Once you have checked that the information is correct, create your group booking by clicking this button. 

9.  Your group offers - After you have created your group offer, it will appear in a list above the set up on this page. Click the Edit button to edit any part of the offer, retrieve links for sharing, view stats on the group sales and to view the groups that have registered. 

10. Edit package - Just like in the initial set up, use this page to change any part of the offer. 

11.  Group registration page - Share this link on your social media or via email. This is only page that groups can register. We suggest adding it to your event description to maximise visibility of the group offer. 

12. Widget - Use this code to embed group bookings onto your website. Style attributes can be changed.  

13. Statistics - This tells you how many groups have been created and completed and also how many tickets have been purchased and how many free tickets have been issued.  

14. Groups created - View and edit the groups that have been created. You will see how many tickets are left in each group in order to meet the target. 

Registering a group

15. Registration - The group owner simply needs to enter their name and email address to create the group. This can only be achieved through the link provided by yourself. (see no. 11)

Once the group has been set up by the customer, they must share the link to this page in order for ticket purchases to count towards the group. 

16 + 17. Sold Tickets and group status - The icons visualize how close the customers are to completing the group and gaining their free ticket(s). Below also holds information on who has booked in the group and how many tickets have been purchased. 

18. Time remaining - Depending on how many days you have set for the group to be completed (see no. 4) this clock begins to count down the time the group's page has been created. 

19. Buy now - Your customers will select the amount of tickets they wish to purchase. The 'Buy now' button will take them through the normal booking process which will involve any Booking or Per-attendee questions you have set. 

20. Share this group - These icons make it easy for the group owner and anyone who joins the group to share the booking page. 


If more tickets that are required complete the group are purchased, they will be treated as normal purchase and will not result in extra free tickets. 

Group owners will get automated reminders to encourage them to complete the group. 

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