Per-attendee questions

1. Attendee details - Choose what details you require from each attendee. If you opt for each attendee to enter an email address, we will send tickets out to each attendee as well as the booker (the booker will always receive the full set of tickets). Pro tip: sending out tickets to each attendee can often cause confusion amongst large groups so we recommend only using this feature if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Email addresses for each attendee collected for this purpose can not be used for marketing due to GDPR regulations. The booker can opt-in for marketing; however, this is only valid for the booker and not for other attendees in their group.

2. Tickets - All of your ticket types will appear here. Questions are added to individual ticket types but they can be copied to others after the question set up is complete.  

3. Copy questions - Once a question has been set up, use this feature to copy questions to other tickets. 

4. Add questions  - This will take you into the question set up.

5. Question - Enter the question you would like to ask each attendee. 

6. Description  - Give an optional brief description of the type of answer you require from the attendee.


We do not enforce any special requirements or uniqueness on the attendee details, so the same name and email address could be used for all attendees.

If you set up a ticket type that doesn't require any of the attendee details BUT have selected one of the above options (except 'Not required'), attendees will still be asked for their details. If this is the case, it might be a better idea to ask for details by setting the questions in the "Questions for each attendee".


As one of the core principles of the GDPR is data minimisation, consider whether the data that you are requesting is important for your needs. Are you asking mandatory questions? Questions should only be mandatory when you have a specific purpose for this data. 

Acceptable use: Requiring participants at your sporting event to provide emergency contact details for the sole purpose of their safety. 

Not acceptable: Requiring all attendees to provide their date of birth and gender, with no opt-out, for marketing and demographics. 

For custom questions which are not important to your needs, set these as optional questions. Also, consider whether you are asking too much information. Do you need to ask for their full date of birth, or will just their age or birth year suffice?

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