Booking questions

1. Booker details - Tick these boxes to make this a required field to be filled in by the customer. They will be overridden if they are required to be filled in for payment details.

2. Question - Add the question you would like to ask your customers. 

3. Description - Provide an optional description of what type of answer you need. 

4. Type of answer - Select how you would like your customer to respond to your question. 

5. Options - This will vary depending on the type of answer you selected. If you have chosen 'list' you will need to provide a list of answers. 'Date' will produce a drop-down menu for the customer to select their date. 'Free text' allows them to write their answer in a text box. 

6. Require an answer - If this box is selected, the customer will not be able to progress with their booking unless they have answered the question. 

7. Add question - Click 'Add question' to finish the set-up and add it to the booking process.

8. Your questions - Your completed questions will appear in the 'Booking questions' page. You can edit or delete these questions at any time. 


Booking questions apply to the entire booking and will only be asked once. If you require answers for all attendees then please see per-attendee questions. 

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