Booking Fees

1. Booking fees - Choose to not add your own custom booking fee, add a percentage of the ticket price or to add a fixed fee. Use this option to cover the fees of the payment provider (Stripe/PayPal) 

2. Bookitbee service and transaction fees - Choose to include the Bookitbee fees in the ticket price or to pass this onto the purchaser. 


The “Percentage of the ticket price” option is often used by customers who want to ensure that they get the “face value” of a ticket and want to pass on the fees charged by PayPal and Stripe. As a general rule of thumb you can add 5% booking fee to cover these costs BUT this varies, so we recommend you do your own maths as the amounts charged vary from country to country.

If you want to get the "face value" of your ticket be sure to pass on the Bookitbee service fees as well as adding your own custom fee to cover all of the costs. 

Bookitbee fees are non-refundable (unless you are using Bookitbee card services, UK only) and if you do a refund to a customer you will be refunding them the full amount they paid for the ticket. Please see our terms and conditions. 

In all cases, Bookitbee fees are charged to you as the event organizer, never the ticket purchaser. 

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