Payment methods

Choose your payment method. We strongly recommend Stripe as it is fully integrated with our system and it pays directly into your bank account 7 days after each transaction is made.

1. Stripe - We strongly recommend Stripe to our clients as it is fully integrated with our system promoting wider functionality, allows clients to set up payment plans for their events and perform refunds from their account dashboard and offers low processing fees. If you choose to use Stripe to collect payments you will receive your revenues within 7 days of a ticket sale directly from Stripe. You can choose to either set this up as an automatic transfer or you can select the date and amount of transfers to suit your schedule - whichever is best for your accounting! 80% of organizers on Bookitbee use the Stripe method with the majority of them switching over from PayPal.

2. PayPal - This is the standard PayPal integration which means your customer will be taken to the PayPal payment portal. If you chose this method you won’t be able to refund customer through the Bookitbee admin, you’ll need to login to your PayPal account. When using Paypal your payment dates and processing fees will be subject to the pre-arranged terms that you would have confirmed with Paypal when setting up your account. You will be able to move your money from PayPal to your registered bank account but do note it very is important that you set-up your PayPal account correctly as Paypal can block transactions if they are awaiting documents or account verification which will mean that your ticket sales will stop after you reach their limits. For this reason we recommend speaking to a PayPal advisor if you are in any doubt about your set-up before you start selling tickets. Their contact details can be found via the support section of your PayPal admin account.

3. LIVE IT Card Services - This is our own processing service where we collect the money on your behalf. LIVE IT Card Services offers a simple payment solution for those of you who do not have an existing Stripe or Paypal account and want to get your event up and running straight away! Payment for your event will be made 5 working days after the event has finished to your chosen bank account, this is done to ensure that all payments for tickets have time to clear and allows our team time to survey customer feedback from your event. LIVE IT Card Services is currently only available for UK clients, if you are outside of the UK and are interested in using LIVE IT Card Service please get in touch with our team on

Please note: Payment method cannot be changed once you have sold your first ticket. 

4. Your event is set to - Once selected, your selected payment method will be confirmed here. 

5. Change payment method - This cannot be changed after you have sold your first ticket.

6. Overview of your payment setup - This does not include any fees charged by the payment provider. 

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