1. Timezone Select the timezone your event is in. This will affect the booking open and close times as they are determined by the timezone.

2. Date/Time event starts/ends - Remember to use the 24 hour clock to set these times.

3. Show/Hide - Choose whether to show or hide these dates and times. The start date will always be shown on the event page. If your event runs for several days we'd recommend also showing the end date to avoid confusion.          

4. Doors open time - used if you want to specify a time your guests can enter the venue. 

5. Bookings open/close date - The dates that you will allow bookings to be taken. These can be changed at any time.

6. Bookings open/close time - The times that bookings will open/close. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to keep bookings open until the end of a particular day, be sure to set the bookings close time to 23.59.

If the event was set as time-slotted, you can set the time before time slot dates go on/off sale.


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